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Six7 is a CT SEO company that implements a local SEO (search engine optimization) approach in positioning your business ahead of the competition.

Building your Connecticut business’ internet marketing presence is more important than ever. A website that just sits on a domain — hoping that someone might come across it randomly on the web — is simply not sufficient anymore. If you know that 100 people are down the street looking for specifically what you offer, wouldn’t you find yourself a bus and go pick them up? This is the essence of local SEO services and internet marketing.


Watch our video explaining how Local SEO will help your business:

    Connecticut SEO Agency

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of positioning your website to rank highly on search results pages for the most relevant keyword phrases. It is not only something to do for your business online – it’s the foundation of your entire internet marketing strategy.

    Our Connecticut SEO services are executed according to industry best practices. Our SEO experts conduct extensive SEO keyword research and competitor analysis for your field. The goal is to generate high quality visitors who fit the demographic and budgetary requirements of your business’ services. Our CT SEO specialists work tirelessly to reach prospective customers that would not have been able to otherwise discover your website in the search engines.

    Our local SEO services are designed for long-term results as opposed to deceptive “black hat” spamming techniques which Google and other major search engines penalize. Such black hat techniques include hidden text and keyword stuffing. Our local SEO approach ensures that the web content is written for the users first, and THEN we strategize how to help the search engines more easily understand and index the content.


    When we say that we are a results-driven SEO firm, we mean it. Here is an example of local SEO results achieved for a Six7 client:

    Using Pay-Per-Click to Power the SEO Campaign: Integrated Strategy

    The data and insights gathered from a Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can help us focus on the most powerful SEO implementation. The PPC data signals how Google is interpreting the information on your web pages, the quality of these pages, and which keyword phrases are most relevant to how prospective customers are searching for your business online. We can use these keyword insights to naturally optimize the website in Google search results. Then, your business will display as an advertisement at the top of Google AND within the natural search results below — for the same keyword search terms. Your business will cover more real estate on Google!


    Is SEO Worth the Investment?

    Connecticut businesses are sometimes cautious about investing in ongoing SEO services.  They may be uneasy about understanding specific aspects of the SEO implementation.  Or, they have heard ‘horror stories’ about other SEO agencies making false promises.  It’s not too much of a stretch to compare this customer anxiety to that of a patient visiting a medical doctor.  If the patient cannot understand the doctor’s treatment plan, or they have heard from other patients about the doctor’s deceptive practices, then they will be reluctant to move forward.

    We earn our clients’ trust by being fully transparent about both the SEO process and expected results.  Our Connecticut SEO company is eager to educate our clients on how search engines work so that SEO becomes a core consideration of your overall marketing strategy.  There are no secrets about what to expect, and we make sure that our clients understand that Connecticut Search Engine Optimization will take time and work.

    However in short, yes SEO services are worth the investment.  While the process takes longer than Pay-Per-Click advertising, SEO delivers longer term results.  PPC Ads will disappear from the web as soon you discontinue the campaign.  SEO builds up slowly, however once your web presence is established then the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) is significantly lower than the CPA for Pay-Per-Click or any other advertising channel. Furthermore, SEO delivers “warm”, high-value leads.  There is research showing that leads who find your website via an organic search are much more likely to convert than leads from other advertising channels.  This makes sense because these leads are further down the ‘sales cycle’.  They have already searched for your product or service, and therefore have expressed intent to become a paying customer.  This is the definition of a “warm” lead.


    Why is SEO Important?

    There are billions of searches conducted on Google alone every day, and trillions of searches every year.  In this ‘wild west’ of search, your SEO strategy will drive how your Connecticut business stands out.

    The yellow pages are obsolete.  For years, people have been searching the web to find the solutions to their problems.

    Almost any successful business recognizes the value of a well-executed SEO plan.  Without SEO, you are at a disadvantage.


    What Makes a Good SEO Company in Connecticut?

    A good SEO company is transparent and trustworthy.  This transparency includes:

    • the SEO pricing model and any additional fees that may be required
    • the SEO services being completed
    • the SEO results that your Connecticut business can expect
    • reporting on SEO results 
    • recommendations for SEO best practices

    A successful CT SEO agency helps put the best foot forward for your website so that the site ranks appropriately in the search results. In other words, effective SEO positions the website where an unbiased prospective customer will expect to find it.   This is because, as Google states themselves, SEO only has potential as high as the quality of the business or website itself.

    Successful SEO consultants look to improve the entire online experience.  This integrated approach includes:

    • positioning in the search results
    • influencing the user to click on the listing and visit your website
    • landing page conversion

    To keep the focus on user experience, make sure that your Connecticut SEO company delivers a phased iteration strategy in which they:

    • Define how success is measured
    • Implement improvements to web presence
    • Measure the impact of their improvements
    • Implement new improvements


    A good SEO doesn’t only focus on ranking, but how to help your Connecticut business overall.  If your SEO company doesn’t dive deeper into what’s specifically important to your business model, then you should find another SEO agency.  Search Engine Optimization should complement all of your existing work.  Your SEO specialist should be asking you the following questions:

    • what makes your business unique and valuable to customers? 
    • What does your typical customer look like? 
    • What keywords might prospective customers be typing in to find you? 
    • How does your business make money and how can search help? 
    • What other advertising channels are you using? 
    • Who are your primary competitors? 
    • What geographical markets are most important?

    A good SEO should be someone you can get along with, work with and grow with long-term.  Here at Six7, we view ourselves as your online marketing partner.


    How to Hire a Successful SEO Company in Connecticut

    Hiring an SEO company in Connecticut is not as simple as receiving a proposal and signing the dotted line.  There are two other important steps to take:

    1. Conduct a two-way interview.  Check that the SEO consultant seems genuinely interested in you and your business.
    2. Check their references.

    How to Avoid Hiring a Bad SEO Company in Connecticut

    Just as with hiring a successful SEO company in Connecticut, there are the signs that you are or will be working with a bad SEO agency in Connecticut:

    • You’re wasting a lot of money without positive results.
    • The SEO agency uses counter-productive, shady practices that result in a reduction in search rankings.
    • The SEO agency makes guarantees about where they can get your website to rank.

    Basic Rules of SEO

    Successful CT SEO is a comprehensive process with many moving parts.  However at the foundation of every SEO campaign are some basic rules.  Many local SEO companies ignore these important basics:

    • Corroborate recommendations with published Google guidelines such as help center articles.
    • Keep your website “fresh” by regularly adding new content.
    • Submit new/updated content to be crawled through “fetch as Googlebot” in webmaster tools.
    • The main constant with SEO is that it’s constantly evolving. You need to be on your toes in such an agile SEO cycle.
    • Always do what’s good for your online customers: mobile-friendly website, user-friendly navigation, building a great brand.
    • Have a unique value proposition for your business. This simplifies the process of identifying the aspects of your business to emphasize across the website for search.

    Common Mistakes in SEO

    The most common SEO mistake is chasing trends in attempt to game the system or fool Google into thinking your website is more than what it really is.  Remember, the main constant in SEO is that it’s constantly evolving.  Always focus on the customer experience rather than what you think the Google algorithm might be looking for.  To do this – make all content readable, engaging and informative.  Ignore trends and focus on the lasting value of your website.  These are examples of SEO tactics that Google discourages and for which you may be penalized with reduction in rankings:

    • Duplicate content
    • Hidden links
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Poor mobile experience
    • Poor navigation
    • Slow page loading speeds

    How Long Does SEO Take?

    We live in a “fast-food, give it to me now” culture and businesses are understandably impatient with their marketing investments.  They want to see that they are getting what they paying for.  This is one of the biggest roadblocks for businesses when deciding to invest in Connecticut SEO services.  SEO takes time.

    In most cases, SEO takes between 3 months and one year to help your business implement improvements and experience higher rankings in the search results.  There are no shortcuts to long-term SEO success.  Each client is unique, and the exact length of time depends on the following factors:

    • Competitiveness of targeted search terms
    • Competitiveness of targeted geographical locations
    • Starting point of the website

    Detailed Transparent Reporting

    Many SEO agencies will provide minimal reporting.  They are not tracking SEO progress in any organized format, yet expect you to pay ongoing fees.  You have a right to know what you are paying for and so our SEO consultants keep you informed every step of the way.  Our SEO reporting system tracks the search positions of all of your important keyword phrases, and from what location the search is being conducted.  Our SEO reporting also tracks which page of your website is rising or falling in the search results for those phrases, and by how many positions they are rising or falling.  Accordingly, our CT SEO specialists can adjust the strategy for those search phrases that are falling significantly.

    Additionally, our SEO reporting tracks the user traffic to your website through advanced analytics software.  This website analytics offers valuable insights such as:

    • Number of website visitors
    • Average website visit duration
    • Most frequently visited website pages
    • Average visit duration per page

    Finally, our SEO reporting tracks conversions.  We compile a master database on behalf of each of our clients that includes:

    • Date of conversion
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Gender
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Subject

    This comprehensive reporting system allows for actionable insights.  The customer data that we compile on your behalf can also be used within other marketing campaigns.  For example, the email addresses collected from the website can be added to the distribution list for your email blasts.


    Why is it Important to Work with a Local SEO Agency?

    When it comes to selecting an SEO agency, local is the name of the game. A large, national agency with hundreds of account managers will be based hundreds (or thousands) of miles away. An agency of this scale will not have sufficient familiarity with your local market. Intimate familiarity with your market is critical to successful Search Engine Optimization. There are many nuances within each market that only a local SEO agency can fully understand.


    Search Engine Optimization

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    • Analyze the strategy of your competitors
    • Follow all industry best practices
    • Assess results and adjust the campaign

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