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Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.” It is a Google product, and the form of digital marketing that best takes advantage of the existing demand for your products and services. You pay only for relevant traffic to your website.

Our Connecticut PPC management services delivers campaigns so that our clients are advertising on the top of Google search results.

A Google AdWords campaign must be closely monitored PPC specialist for its performance.


    To optimize for conversions, our Connecticut PPC consultants build landing pages within your existing website that are consistent with the customized keyword strategy. Each landing page includes keyword-based content that aligns with the search terms that trigger your PPC advertisement, and with the ad copy. We structure the pay-per-click campaign into Ad Groups based on the relevancy and similarities of all possible keywords. This integrated approach improves the AdWords ‘Quality Score’ for your Google Ads and therefore lowers the costs for clicks.

    The Advantage of PPC Advertising

    For businesses that are seeking more immediate digital marketing results, a PPC campaign delivers actionable insights quickly. Paid search is often more focused on a call-to-action, because it tends to target customers that are further down the path to purchase. The keywords that lead to the most conversions can then be picked out for the SEO strategy. The SEO strategy can also use the keywords from PPC that are driving significant traffic, but still not displaying toward the top of natural search results.

    Email Marketing & Database Management

    Six7 recognizes that all leads do not convert directly within a digital marketing campaign’s time frame. Often a longer-term relationship must be nurtured with a prospective customer that is interested in your product or services. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is critical to maximizing the yield of every marketing dollar spent. Marketing and sales must cooperate together to grow your business. An organized email marketing strategy will keep your company top-of-mind and build brand loyalty with consumers.

    Measurement, Return-on-Investment & Lifetime Customer Value

    But it does not end there. Our approach is to measure the return on investment of your Google advertising and optimization. This involves an in-depth profitability analysis of your business model. We determine the lifetime customer value of each new acquisition, and then how many new customers are necessary for the revenue to exceed the marketing expenditure.

    EXAMPLE: If your business dedicates $1,000 per month for digital advertising, and the ‘lifetime value’ of each customer acquisition is determined to be $500 per year, then the campaign objective is for at least 3 conversions per month. This will achieve a 50% return on investment in Year 1 only.

    Digital Marketing

    Reach customers that want to find you

    • Focus on conversions with a call-to-action
    • Think like a prospective customer
    • Drive immediate traffic to your website
    • Measure return on investment

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